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Reform Policy

Report Suggests Wis. Public Retiree Benefit Reforms Needed

A report by Wisconsin think tank the MacIver Institute and the National Center for Policy Analysis outlines the challenges Wisconsin’s public employee retirement system faces even after the implementation of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s 2011 Act 10. While the report notes the successes of Act 10 in strengthening and reducing the taxpayer costs of the […]

schoolkids Policy

The Left’s War on Children

Those that support the program have been called “pro-privatization minions” that are part of a “pro-voucher cabal” with a “radical privatization agenda.” But while the Left attacks the “pro-privatization minions” on the Right, little has been said about the fact that those who benefit from the Wisconsin GOP’s statewide expansion of the Parental Choice Program – often referred to as the school choice or voucher program – are limited to students of low income households.

fail Media

So-Called “Pay-for-Play” Scheme Is Nonexistent

Some in the media, and many on the Left, are pushing a pay-for-play narrative because a developer who donated to Gov. Scott Walker has advanced in the bidding process for a massive state development contract. But while they push the narrative they are completely ignoring the fact that another Walker donor – a much larger […]