$895,000 in Soros Money Funds Wisconsin Organizations

In the last two years, George Soros’ Open Society Institute has provided $895,000 in grants to organizations in Wisconsin for various purposes. Soros, an unapologetic Nazi sympathizer, is committed to using his vast funds to create an “open society” based on various social engineering experiments. Soros made his fortunes through hedge funds and currency speculation that has ruined lives and threatened the economies of more than one country.

In the state of Wisconsin, the Open Society Institute has granted $895,000 to 14 organizations.

GROUPS: Wisconsin Citizen Engagement Project, Institute for Wisconsin’s Future, WISDOM, Citizen Action Wisconsin Education Fund, Good Jobs and Livable Neighborhoods, 9to5, National Association of Working Women, Campaign Against Violence, Midwest Environmental Advocates, Voces de la Frontera, Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, Institute for One Wisconsin

AMOUNT: $470,000

DATE: November 12, 2009

LENGTH: 2 years

PURPOSE: “To monitor federal stimulus spending, encourage public participation in state-level decisions, and advocate for an equitable distribution of recovery funds.”1

GROUP: Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

AMOUNT: $75,000

DATE: 2009

LENGTH: 1 year

PURPOSE: Supports the Judicial Independence Project2

GROUP: Institute for Wisconsin’s Future

AMOUNT: $150,000

DATE: 2010

LENGTH: 2 years

PURPOSE: Provides general support to the organization3

GROUP: Wisconsin Council on Children and Families/ Wisconsin Budget Project

AMOUNT: $150,000

DATE: 2008

LENGTH: 2 Years

PURPOSE: To support Wisconsin’s Budget Project4

GROUP: Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

AMOUNT: $50,000

DATE: 2009

LENGTH: 1 year

PURPOSE: General Support5

The values of George Soros and the Open Society Institute do not reflect those of Wisconsin. Each of these organizations ought to be condemned for taking money from an unapologetic Nazi sympathizer. In turn, Wisconsinites ought to question the character, integrity, and motives of these organizations for their role in taking money from such an unethical figure as George Soros.

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