It’s Time to Urge Your Legislators to Stand Firm on Fiscal Values

This week The Joint Finance committee is set to begin public hearings on Governor Scott Walker’s proposed budget repair bill with possible action by the legislator as early as Thursday. The fast-tracked bill is designed to address the state budget and its anticipated $137 million shortfall this year and up to $3.6 billion shortfall over the next two years. Clearly, with such a fiscal problem facing the state, strong measures need to be taken and there will be groups unhappy with the outcome. However, tough times call for tough choices. It’s important that conservatives stand united on fixing Wisconsin’s budget crisis.

Media Trackers urges constituents to remind their representatives why they voted for them in the first place by calling and emailing their representatives to stand firm on fixing the budget crisis. There are several conservative legislators throughout the state that campaigned and won based on their strong fiscal stance, that now appear to be hesitant to make the hard decisions the state needs to weather its fiscal crisis. These legislators especially need to hear that the people expect them to stand up for the fiscal conservative values they were elected upon.

Mike EllisWisconsin Senate President, Senate District 19, FoxValley/Menasha 

What he’s said:

“What we need to do is get rid of that debt and do it in one year.”

 “To accomplish that, there are a number of things that are going to have to be done. Everybody’s going to have to take less.”

“No. Our school systems are going to have do a belt-tightening, just like the state’s got to do.”


Contact Mike Ellis: or 608-266-0718


Van WanggaardSenate District 47, Racine

What he’s said:

“Irresponsible spending at the state level has reached epic proportions.”

“Restore cuts to municipalities”

“But through “nickel and dime-ing” Wisconsin residents, we have become a state with cash-strapped residents who are unable to pump money back into our struggling state economy. “


Contact Van Wanggaard: or 608-266-1832


Sheila Harsdorf- Senate District 10

 What she’s said:

 “In his first State of the State address, Governor Scott Walker outlined his vision for Wisconsin and stressed the importance of getting our fiscal house in order.  I agree with the Governor that in the face of our current serious budget deficit, we must change the way government works to create a leaner, more efficient state government for the taxpayers of our state.  The Governor expressed readiness to make the hard decisions necessary to get Wisconsin back on track.  I look forward to working with the Governor and my legislative colleagues to pass a fiscally responsible state budget.”


Contact Shelia Harsdorf: or 608-266-7745


Luther Olsen- Senate District 14, Ripon

What he’s said:

“The concept is pretty radical. It affects a lot of good working people, ” said Olsen. Olsen said he could support the changes on pensions and health care but had reservations about taking away other bargaining rights.

In 2007-2008, Based on a point system, with points assigned for actions in support of or in opposition to Wisconsin AFL-CIO‘s position, Senator Olsen received a rating of 45.  This means he sided with their position nearly half the time.


Contact Luther Olsen: or 608-266-0751

Dan KapankeSenate District 32, La Crosse

What he’s said:

“This is a time to face reality and recognize that there will be a new way of doing business in the state. We must all sacrifice in order to address the budget shortfall and deficit.”

“The time has come to act decisively in setting a strategy of fiscal responsibility. Businesses and families have adapted to the new reality of less spending and now leaders in Madison will have to do the same. Leaders are expected to make tough decisions during difficult times. I look forward to fulfilling the expectations of the people I serve and working to help Wisconsin become a prosperous and economically competitive state once again.”


Contact Dan Kapanke: or 608-266-5490






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