RPW Files GAB Complaint Over Pasch-Citizen Action Connection

By Collin Roth

Last week, Media Trackers documented Sandy Pasch’s connection to left-wing organizations in Wisconsin, including her membership on the Board of Directors for Citizen Action of Wisconsin. The Milwaukee-based Citizen Action of Wisconsin has been very active in the Darling-Pasch recall race including sending out mail pieces and staging bizarre protests like last week’s “Medicaid/Medicare Funeral” at the Darling campaign office.

On Monday, the Republican Party of Wisconsin filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board asking for an investigation into whether Sandy Pasch’s membership on the Board of Directors for Citizen Action of Wisconsin violated Section 11.06(7) of the Wisconsin statutes concerning illegal coordination between candidates and independent expenditure organizations.

Executive Director of RPW Stephen Thompson noted in a Monday press release that “in recent weeks, Citizen Action has taken an unusual interest in attacking Alberta Darling, with nearly identical messaging as the Pasch campaign.” Thompson added, “voters deserve to know if Pasch is illegally using her position on the board of a special interest group to help promote her candidacy.”

As documented in the RPW complaint, Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s GAB-6 form indicates that the organization has made independent expenditures on behalf of Sandy Pasch and against Alberta Darling. A number of mail pieces attacking Alberta Darling are also included in the complaint.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin is a “an issue focused coalition of individuals and organizations committed to achieving social, economic, and environmental justice.” They are led by former SEIU organizer Robert Kraig and boast “over 100 dues-paying affiliates” that include AFSCME, WEAC, AFL-CIO, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, and many other unions and left-wing organizations. Citizen Action of Wisconsin has received funding from the Donor Collaborative of Wisconsin as well as George Soros’ Open Society Institute among other left-wing foundations.

Sandy Pasch and Alberta Darling will square off in a recall election in the 8th Senate District on August 9.


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