GAB: Labor Unions Spend $6.3 Million Lobbying

By Collin Roth

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board released lobbying numbers for the first half of the year on Thursday and they should not shock anyone. According to the GAB press release four labor unions in Wisconsin spent $6.3 million on lobbying during the first half of 2011.

Unsurprisingly, Governor Walker’s budget repair bill’s AB 11 and SB 11 were the most lobbied bills during the first half of the year receiving 22,311 hours. The top four spots among those organizations who spent the most money on lobbying are the Wisconsin AFL-CIO ($2,302,171), WEAC ($2,062,716), AFSCME Council 11 ($1,228,811), and AFSCME International ($694,422).

Perhaps the $6.3 million spent on unsuccessful lobbying and the nearly $9 million spent by AFSCME, WEAC, and the AFL-CIO on the unsuccessful recall elections will be enough for union members to see that their dues are not well spent. Fortunately, due to the passage of the Walker reforms, union members can now begin the process of leaving the union and keeping their hard earned money instead of having it spent on such wasteful and self-serving endeavors.

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