Walker Death Threat Suspect A Felon

By Brian Sikma

On Monday, the MacIver News Service reported that a death threat had been made against Governor Scott Walker on a recall Walker Facebook page. The page was advertising the upcoming Walker recall kickoff rally hosted by We Are Wisconsin, one of the leading leftwing conduit groups that channeled millions of dollars in out-of-state money into the summer recall elections. Regan Cowan, a Dane County resident, was the one who made the threat. Shortly after the threat was brought to light, the comment was deleted from Facebook.

Cowan, who suggested that Walker be killed instead of recalled, said that she was willing to make use of the state’s new concealed carry law to carry out her idea. Her personal Facebook page was unavailable Tuesday morning and an initial search of Facebook did not reveal any other comments made by Cowan. Media Trackers did, however, review Ms. Cowan’s court records and found that she has a long history of civil and criminal issues.

In her record, which spans 25 different incidents, Cowan has pled guilty to two felony charges. The first one came in 2003 when she failed to report to jail, a Class H felony. The second one came in 2007 when she was found guilty of committing forgery, also a Class H felony.

Along with her felony in 2003, Cowan was found guilty five different times in incidents ranging from twice being found in possession of drug paraphernalia to damaging property, and then disorderly conduct and operating a vehicle on a revoked license. Perhaps one of the more disturbing cases came in 2004 when Cowan was involved in a hit and run incident that took place while she was driving with her license revoked.

From a record of repeated traffic infractions to felony convictions and public disturbances, it is clear that Regan Cowan is someone whose threats should be taken seriously. The Capitol Police have said that they take each threat seriously and while some lawmakers have found fault with the Capitol Police’s handling of leftwing protesters, this case involves someone who is more than just an average protester and thus it merits intense scrutiny and review.


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