Release: Sen. Lena Taylor an Accessory to Voter Fraud, Election Violations

MILWAUKEE – Late Monday evening, Media Trackers released the results of a wide-reaching investigation into voting irregularities that occurred from a property owned by Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee). The investigation found that a property owned by Sen. Taylor contains no fewer than 36 active voter registrations, a number that far exceeds the number of individuals allowed to live at the property according to the City of Milwaukee.

Three areas of concern surfaced in the investigation. First, the property, located at 1018 N. 35th Street in Milwaukee, immediately adjacent to Sen. Taylor’s law office, is zoned to be inhabited by far less than 36 individuals. Senator Taylor’s ownership of the property makes her liable for how the property is used.

Second, among the individuals who used election day registrations to register to vote from the address on April 5th, at least one individual was an ineligible felon, whose identity and ability to vote were corroborated by Sen. Taylor’s mother. Sen. Taylor’s mother operated a non-profit organization from the property, and a month before the April 5th election the non-profit was shut down by the state of Wisconsin for ongoing failure to comply with state regulations.

Third, a number of individuals registered to vote at the address and then in other legal documents obtained by Media Trackers listed their official address as something besides 1018 N. 35th St. One individual listed their address as Chicago, IL shortly after using the address to vote in the April 5th election. The multiple discrepancies between legal addresses used by individuals registered to vote at the home owned by Sen. Taylor raises a multitude of questions about the legality of their ongoing use of the home as their voting address.

Brian Sikma, communications director for Media Trackers, summed up the situation with the following statement:

“The scope of this scheme indicates that Senator Lena Taylor and her mother need to be asked very serious questions about how the property was used, and how it came to be that 36 voters, some felons still on extended supervision, and others who appear to possibly be from out of state, were registered to vote at the address. There is simply far too much detail present in this story for it be a simple mistake. At best this is gross negligence that undermines the integrity of the election process, at worst it is an offense against the state of Wisconsin.”

The full Media Trackers report may be accessed here.

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