INITIAL LOOK: Walker Recall Petitions Reveal Numerous Errors

By Collin Roth

After an initial, naked-eye look at just a handful of the Scott Walker recall petitions, numerous errors were quickly revealed. It will ultimately be up to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board to determine how carefully they enforce their own rules, but below is a list of just 16 pages that were found this morning that could be determined invalid.

  • No Circulator printed name or address – Page 152246
  • No circulator name, address, signature, or date – Page 152245
  • Signer listed full address as “Eric, Milwaukee” – no indication of house number, if Eric is a St, Ave, Ct, etc – Page 152242
  • Signer uses two streets for address – listed full address as “Cathedral Ct, 112th St, Milwaukee” – no house number – Page 152240
  • No Circulator name or address – Page 152238
  • Circulator dated before signers –Page 152231
  • Signer didn’t date signature – Page 6043
  • Two signers fail to list a house number – Page 6019
  • Circulator dated a future date (11.13.12) –  Page 152222
  • Signer signed after circulator – Page 152219
  • Signer used a PO Box – Page 152208
  • Pre-filled in petition submitted without a signature – Page 152326
  • Signer (who was also the circulator) didn’t sign – Page 152314
  • Circulator dated before signers – Page 152309
  • Daffy Duck signed with 123 Looney St as address – someone did cross off this name – Page 83493
  • Circulator didn’t date – Page 152324

It is interesting to note that on some pages there is a “Sign Here” stamp presumably used by recall processors to flag errors, but many of those errors still slipped through into the submission to the Government Accountability Board.

Now that the recall petitions were released to the public on Tuesday night by the GAB, Scott Walker’s campaign and the Verify The Recall effort are likely to find many more errors as they enter the information into searchable databases.

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