“Occupy” Plans Protest At Caterpillar Global Mining, Rep. Mark Honadel’s Home

By Collin Roth

In a press release issued on Monday, “Occupy Milwaukee” declared their intent to protest Caterpillar Global Mining (formerly Bucyrus) in South Milwaukee on Wednesday February 29, during a “National Day of Action.” “Occupy Milwaukee” accuses Caterpillar Global Mining of exerting “undue influence” in the legislature over the “mining bill” due to their membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a non-partisan organization that drafts model legislation based on “free-market principles, limited government, federalism, and individual liberty.”

Of course what is lost on the “Occupy” protesters is that Caterpillar Global Mining would be able to sustain up to 10,000 jobs in South Milwaukee if the mining bill is passed. Caterpillar Global Mining builds mining equipment that could be used in Northwestern Wisconsin if a mining bill is passed that would spur an iron ore mining project in the Penokee Mountains.

“Occupy Milwaukee’s” statement reads in part:

Occupy Milwaukee announced today that as part of a National Day of Action on Wednesday Feb. 29 they will hold a rally outside the Caterpillar Global Mining plant in South Milwaukee to protest the undue influence they feel the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) exercises over state legislation throughout the country. The rally will take place on Oak Creek Pkwy. just east of Chicago Ave at 3:00 p.m…

…[David] Onken said that Caterpillar is being targeted locally because they are a corporate member of ALEC and manufacture mining equipment like that which would be used at the controversial open pit mine proposed for northern Wisconsin which is opposed by many people in the state.

Following the rally at Caterpillar the protesters plan to march to the nearby home of state assemblyman Mark Honadel, an ALEC member.

As is noted in the “Occupy Milwaukee” statement, the protesters plan to march on the home of Republican Rep. Mark Honadel, an author of the Assembly mining bill.

Protesting private homes has become a common tactic of the Left in Wisconsin with numerous protests in front of Republican Governor Scott Walker’s Wauwatosa home, as well as a protest on private property in Racine during a fundraiser for Republican Rep. Robin Vos.

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