Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Highlights Anti-Walker Protest On Museum Property As Art

By Collin Roth

Leave it to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to validate a Recall Walker protest on museum property by calling it “art.”

For the past few months, a group of anti-Walker protesters known as the “Overpass Light Brigade” have used lit-up signs to stand on overpasses around Wisconsin. The “Overpass Light Brigade” is organized by two University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professors, art professor Lisa Moline and english professor Lane Hall.

On Friday evening, the “Overpass Light Brigade” occupied the bridge to the Milwaukee Art Museum for their anti-Walker demonstration of lights. And the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel sent their Art and Architecture critic Mary Louise Schumacher to cover the event because apparently holding massive anti-Walker Lite Bright signs over an overpass qualifies as art. Schumacher published a glowing (pun intended) 721 word article about the demonstration that involved only around 15 individuals.

After nearly 45 minutes on the bridge, a museum security guard asked the group to vacate the museum-owned bridge. Organizer Lane Hall’s quotes are enlightening to say the least:

After about 45 minutes, a museum guard asked the group to leave the bridge, which is the property of the museum, because they were “campaigning.” The exchange was a civil one. Hall, who said the group is “about beauty and joy,” asked the group to leave the bridge and head for O’Donnell Park.

“We wanted to occupy a quasi-public, quasi-private space,” said Hall. “I was actually quite pleased that we were there as long as we were.”

Mr. Hall clearly misunderstands that the bridge the protesters occupied was not a “quasi-private space” but actually a space fully-owned by the Milwaukee Art Museum. But the rules don’t apply to Hall and the protesters because they are about “beauty and joy.”

But then again this is a fallacy in itself.

The group of demonstrators is not about “beauty and joy.” They are about recalling Governor Scott Walker. They are about forcing an expensive recall election on the state of Wisconsin. They are about overturning reforms that effectively erased a $3.6 billion deficit. They are about promoting a Left-wing agenda. They are about whining about things like the loss of tax-payer subsidies for art.

But because they use Lite-Bright signs, this is art according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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