Second Sick Note Investigation Doesn’t Include Doctor Caught Red-Handed by Media Trackers

By: Brian Sikma

This morning the Wisconsin State Journal in Madison reported that the state Medical Examining Board is launching a second round of investigations into doctors who handed out fake sick notes to individuals participating in the Madison protests last spring. Employees, including public school teachers and others who work for taxpayers, were able to receive free fake sick notes from some doctors so they could claim to their employers that they took the day off for health – and not political – reasons.

Media Trackers and the MacIver Institute covered the fake sick note episode as it was happening at the protests. Last year, the Medical Examining Board sanctioned 7 doctors according to Statehouse News Online for their participation in the scam. The new list of doctors to be examined by the board contains the names of 11 professionals.

Interestingly, one of the doctors Media Trackers caught red-handed distributing fake sick notes isn’t on either last year’s list of sanctioned doctors or this year’s list of doctors under investigation. Dr. Elizabeth Kvach was caught on camera by Media Trackers as she went around the capitol square assisting in the distribution of falsified sick notes.

Media Trackers video of Dr. Kvach may be found here and MacIver Institute video of Dr. Kvach may be found here.

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