WisDems Spokesman Wildly Denies GAB Count Of Recall Signatures

By Collin Roth

On Thursday, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board released a final accurate count of the number of signatures submitted to recall Governor Walker. And despite the big headlines afforded to Democrats who claimed “1 million signatures,” the final count of signatures submitted came to 931,053, with 900,938 being counted as valid.

Many, including Media Trackers, were skeptical of the “1 million signatures” number from the beginning. But the Democratic Party was not interested in accuracy. They were interested in big headlines (which they got) and a big number for fundraising purposes, knowing all along that at some point in the future their lie would be exposed.

And that day finally came this week.

Nevertheless, Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Graeme Zielinski just couldn’t help himself. Zielinski took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon to perpetuate the “1 million signatures” myth despite the GAB final tally. He wrote:

Zielinski’s statement speaks for itself. The only thing unclear is whether he is lying or delusional (my money is on delusional).

Zielinski is known for his erratic and unhinged behavior, particularly online. Just this week, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s PolitiFact gave Zielinski a ‘Pants On Fire‘ rating for faking tweets from the Republican Party of Wisconsin. And of course who could forget Zielinski’s unhinged rant last August when he alleged without evidence that Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nicholas was engaged in vote tampering and “sitting on votes.” Zielinski’s boss Mike Tate was forced to walk back those statements hours later.

So is this just another example of Graeme being Graeme? Seems to be.

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