Citizens Walk Out of Dem Lawmaker’s Tantrum

By: Brian Sikma

On Saturday, state Senator Bob Jauch (D) headed to Hurley, Wisconsin to hold a townhall meeting. It was Jauch’s first appearance in the old town that has struggled to survive with the decline of the mine industry since he joined his fellow Democrat senators and Republican Dale Schultz in killing a mine reform bill. If Jauch had voted for the legislation, Hurley and other towns in Iron and Ashland counties would be looking forward to hundreds of new, good paying jobs in a developing iron mine. For now, thanks to Jauch’s vote, that mine and its jobs are a distant dream for citizens desperate to see the local economy revived.

Towards the conclusion of Jauch’s townhall meeting, freshman Democrat state Representative Janet Bewley stopped by to defend the senator. After sucking up to the crowd, Bewley proceeded to admonish those present to respect Senator Jauch. “He shows up and he fights,” Bewley declared. The mine bill was, according to Bewley, a loss for everyone. Never mind the fact that Jauch was one of the swing votes that killed the much-needed jobs’ legislation.

On hand to watch the proceedings, the John K. MacIver Institute caught on camera the crowd’s reaction to Bewley’s comments. One or two members of the crowd challenged the lawmaker’s assertions, and many members of the audience simply started gathering their things and walking out. It could be considered the ultimate form of disrespect for a lawmaker who prides herself on simply showing up to see citizens.

Stunned at the mass exodus response to her remarks, Bewley proceeded to berate the audience for “walking out on the democratic process.” The crowd, however, was not to be stopped by her haughty chiding of them.

Apparently, Representative Bewley in her eagerness to defend Senator Jauch’s indefensible vote to kill jobs, and in her haste to cast herself as the victim of a crowd opposed to the democratic process, forgot an important, documented fact.

In February of 2011 Senator Jauch and all of his Democrat colleagues walked out of the state Senate chamber and fled to Illinois in a vain attempt to kill legislation they opposed. Fortunately, a blogger caught up with Jauch while he was running around Illinois and preventing Senate business from being conducted. Surprised at being caught on camera, Jauch stumbled around trying to give a good reason for why he hadn’t showed up for work in a while.

Perhaps before treating constituents like children and lecturing them about how Senator Jauch shows up for work and “fights” for them, Representative Bewley should recall the important fact that it is the Left that has popularized the tactic of obstructing official business by fleeing work responsibilities in the state capitol. Now perhaps Senator Jauch and Representative Bewley know how the people of Wisconsin feel when their state legislators refuse to show up for work and follow the dictates of special interest groups that put recall elections ahead of what’s good for Wisconsin families.

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