Dem Gov Candidates Attend Town Halls Organized By Radical SEIU Front Group

By Collin Roth

For the past month, the four Democratic candidates running for governor participated in town halls in Milwaukee, Green Bay, Wausau, and the latest in Racine on Monday night. The town halls were themed “reFUND Wisconsin,” with the intent of asking recall candidates if they “stand with the 99%” for things like “making the richest 1% pay their fair share,” “investing in good jobs,” and “restoring workers rights.” The point of the town halls were to “make [the candidates] commit to supporting OUR VISION of Wisconsin in April.”

But what exactly is that vision that the four Democratic candidates were presumably endorsing by attending the “reFund Wisconsin” town halls?

When one looks at the fine print, “reFUND Wisconsin” is sponsored by Wisconsin Jobs Now!, which Media Trackers has exposed in the past for taking part in a “BBQ for Votes” scheme of which the GAB said was illegal, for occupying and getting arrested at the offices of local GOP lawmakers, and for catching three paid organizers voting from a Glendale hotel resulting in an investigationby the Milwaukee County DA.

Wisconsin Jobs Now! is a radical front group funded by the SEIU with close connections to the labor advocate Citizen Action of Wisconsin (they share the same address and phone number). Wisconsin Jobs Now! is also a part of a multi-million dollar political effort by the SEIU called “Fight for a Fair Economy.” The plan, outlined in a February 2011 Wall Street Journal article, is an effort in 10 to 15 cities that is meant “to peak in the summer of 2012, with events at primaries, town-hall meetings and other campaign venues” to “recruit members and counter political pressure on public-sector unions.”

Wisconsin Jobs Now!, the SEIU, and Citizen Action of Wisconsin have all been strong advocates of the “Occupy” movement, embracing and promoting the class warfare rhetoric of the 99% vs the 1%. Nevermind the hypocrisy of individuals like Michael Lauer, the Executive Director for Wisconsin Jobs Now!, whipping up class warfare when he earned over $100,000 working for the SEIU. Or even the hypocrisy of both front-runners for the Democratic nomination earning well over $100,000 as Dane County Executive and Mayor of Milwaukee.

Under the guise of fairness, these organizations and their leaders seek to expand the power of unions, expand the size of government, and raise taxes to support endless government welfare and subsidy programs. And any cuts in spending, any balancing of budgets, and any tax policies meant to encourage entrepreneurs and not punish are viewed as a mortal threat.

These are the organizations, and this is the agenda, behind the town hall forums for Democratic candidates. It is this radical Left-wing agenda that Democratic candidates are seeking to court. And above all, it is this radical Left-wing agenda which is behind the recall.

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