SEIU, Radical Groups To Bring Van Jones To Milwaukee

By Collin Roth

On May 13, former Obama administration Green Jobs “czar” Van Jones will headline a labor sponsored event called Rebuild Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Rebuild Wisconsin is sponsored by the SEIU, Wisconsin Jobs Now! (a local SEIU front group), and labor and community coalition We Are Milwaukee. The event is billed as “A political, spiritual, educational, grassroots, community-based festival” where attendees can participate in a community talent contest or take part in “non-violent direct action training and planning to build grassroots power.”

Jones, who was forced to resign from the Obama White House after it was revealed that he had signed a 2004 petition suggesting that the Bush administration allowed the 9/11 attacks to occur, is set to headline the event along with a handful of musical guests. Jones now runs a Left-wing organization called Rebuild The Dream which advocates for “a sustainable economy, more jobs, accountability for Wall Street, fair share taxes for corporations—and an America that delivers on its promise of opportunity for all.”

The invitation of Van Jones to Milwaukee is just another example of the radical Left in Wisconsin embracing the principles of the “Occupy” movement and the rhetoric of class warfare.

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