Mayor Barrett’s “Wages War on Women,” Discriminates with Gender Pay Gap

-For Immediate Release-

MILWAUKEE – Women who work for Mayor Tom Barrett’s office get paid on average $17,000 less than the average male working in the mayor’s office. Data provided by Mayor Barrett’s office to Media Trackers shows that the three male employees of the mayor’s office can expect to share average salaries that keep their female colleagues locked in a gender pay gap more than 75% worse than the statewide average for gender pay gaps in the workplace.

“Mayor Tom Barrett has repeatedly denounced a so-called war on women but his actions are increasingly at odds with his rhetoric,” said Brian Sikma, communications director for Media Trackers. “The disparity between his talk and his walk adds credibility to the charge of some union leaders that Barrett is not a true believer when it comes to the progressive values embraced by those responsible for the current round of recalls,” Sikma remarked. “Under Mayor Barrett’s benchmark of a war on women, Mayor Barrett himself is waging an all out war on the women who work for him.”

The Media Trackers report on Mayor Barrett’s wages war on women may be viewed here.

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