Occupy Cleveland’s Absurd Response to FBI Bust

In response to FBI arrests for an alleged bomb plot involving several members of the far-left group Occupy Cleveland, Occupy Cleveland has released a statement repeating outrageous rhetoric common to the Occupy movement, casting Occupy as heroes in a bizarre melodrama (view PDF):

May 1, 2012 — Cleveland – While the persons arrested Monday evening by the FBI have participated in Occupy Cleveland  events, they were in no way representing or acting on behalf of Occupy Cleveland. Occupy Cleveland has affirmed the  principles of non-­violence since its inception on October 6, 2011.

Occupy Cleveland has spoken out and worked against violence in all its forms, including:

  • Wars and occupations
  • Economic violence of financial inequality, unemployment, debt and foreclosure
  • Social violence of racism, sexism and homophobia
  • Environmental violence of global warming and fracking

Occupy Cleveland believes the only way to respond to a violent federal and corporate state is through active non-violence. It is unfortunate that this occurred on the eve of May Day, the day the Occupy movement and workers around the world have taken to the streets, demanding  justice. What has happened in no way discredits the issue and the non-violent methods of Occupy Cleveland and the Occupy movement world-­wide.

While repeating claims of “active non-violence,” the release twists the word “violence” to mean, in effect, anything Occupy Cleveland dislikes. It isn’t difficult to see why Occupy members, convinced they face “a violent federal and corporate state,” might decide violence is their only option.

Soon after news of the alleged bomb plot involving Occupy Cleveland members broke, the group announced via its Twitter feed: “Occupy Cleveland is shocked by these allegations.” Given the history of the Occupy movement in general and Occupy Cleveland in particular, this statement should be viewed with skepticism.

A 19-year-old woman alleged she was raped in a tent at Occupy Cleveland in October 2011.  Soon after, Fox Nation published an extensive list of Occupy crimes cataloged by John Nolte of Breitbart.com. The Daily Caller published a slideshow highlighting several of Occupy’s most violent offenses as of December 2011.

While Occupy Cleveland was preparing its statement extolling “the non-violent methods of Occupy Cleveland and the Occupy movement world-wide,” Occupy protesters were assaulting police and destroying property in Seattle, Oakland, and San Francisco.

The Occupy Cleveland logo — the clenched fist used by socialist groups throughout recent history — belies the movement’s claim to peaceful intentions. Likewise the Guy Fawkes masks favored by Occupy; Fawkes was a failed British terrorist captured trying to blow up Parliament.

Additionally, Media Trackers Ohio has collected photographic evidence that Occupy Cleveland protesters frequently depict their cause as a “resistance” against banks, corporations, the wealthy, and George W. Bush, accompanied by violent messaging & imagery above and beyond the Fawkes masks and clenched fist. You can view the photos in our Flickr photo pool.

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