VIDEO: DA Chisholm Endorsed Barrett, Praised Flynn in 2008

By: Brian Sikma

Just days before Mayor Barrett faced re-election in 2008, Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm praised Barrett for his record on crime, education and city development a video shows. Chisholm also praised the appointment of Chief Edward Flynn to lead the Milwaukee Police Department.

Chisholm is currently leading a high profile John Doe investigation that has become the key campaign talking point of Mayor Barrett’s effort to defeat Governor Scott Walker in the June 5 recall election. The probe’s appearance of impartiality has been tarnished by the news that 43 attorneys and staff in the DA’s office signed Walker recall petitions, and the news that the chief investigator in the case allowed a Democrat “recall Walker” sign and pro-union poster to appear in front of his home. An ethics complaint has been filed against the investigator.

Lately, as the Barrett campaign has ratcheted up the rhetoric on the John Doe, the Walker campaign has cited a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report purporting to show that under Barrett and Flynn’s leadership the Milwaukee violent crime rate increased over the past year. An FBI audit of the crime statistics, requested by Flynn, is due out later this year.

Since Flynn became police chief homicides and auto thefts have dropped significantly in Milwaukee.

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