BREAKING: GAB Rules SEIU-Front Group Signs Violate Electioneering Statutes

By Collin Roth

According to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, the SEIU front-group Wisconsin Jobs Now! was found to be in violation of the Wisconsin Statute 12.03 in regards to electioneering after it was determined that certain signs and paraphernalia were “intended to influence voting at the election.” Michael Haas, staff counsel for the Wisconsin GAB was asked by Sue Edman of the City of Milwaukee Election Commission about the legality and appropriateness of two logos sported by the employees and volunteers with the SEIU front group Wisconsin Jobs Now! One logo is a Jobs Now! logo and another is a red Wisconsin fist with the words “It’s Time” next to it.

Below is the relevant portion of an email explaining the GAB ruling:

Our opinion remains that clothing, buttons or signs with the image that Ms. Edman sent us yesterday would constitute electioneering under Wis. Stat. section 12.03 and are not permitted within 100 feet of any entrance to the polling place.  The sign we reviewed yesterday stated “It’s Time” and showed a clenched “solidarity” fist with the words “June 5,” and also contained the url our opinion the url link to the webpage that comments on a candidate on the ballot, and the fist logo which has become associated with the recall effort, is intended to influence voting at the election.

We can also confirm that individuals may wear shirts with the image you sent this morning, which state “Jobs Now Wisconsin,” and have an outline of the State and silhouettes of individuals with arms raised, along with listing the url of  We believe those shirts would be permitted under current statutes for persons within the 100-foot zone as well as for observers.

It is particularly interesting to note that the GAB determined that the Wisconsin Jobs Now! website and the red fist icon are “intended to influence voting at the election” when Wisconsin Jobs Now! is supposedly a non-partisan group. Other news outlets have also noticed that fact that Wisconsin Jobs Now! has published on their website that “people in the community have “had enough” of Gov. Walker.”

Wisconsin Jobs Now! is engaged in a significant early voting effort documented by The MacIver Institute involving numerous vans and vehicles to drive citizens of Milwaukee to the polls. Media Trackers documented the vast connections between Wisconsin Jobs Now! and the SEIU as well as the numerous examples of illegal and radical behavior by the left-wing organization.

Below is the entire text of the email from Staff Counsel Micheal Haas of the Government Accountability Board.

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