Left-Wing Taxi Cab Co-Op To Offer Free Rides To Polls In Madison

By Collin Roth

On Tuesday, Union Cab Co-Op will offer free rides to the polls in the Madison area as part of their “Democracy in Motion” program. An explicitly written disclaimer about the program on Union Cab’s website states:

Union Cab will provide rides to any and all requesting to go to the polls and is non-partisan.  Our drivers are professional and will refrain from discussing politics during election days.

But of course, Union Cab has hardly been apolitical in the last year and half. Look no further than the cover photo on Union Cab’s Facebook page.

During the height of the Madison protests, Union Cab Co-Op issued a statement saying  “Union Cab Stands in Solidarity With Public Service Workers.” Director Scott McCormick noted “it’s important for us to go on record on the side of the people who have been paying our fares and putting food on our tables since 1979.” The Union Cab President went on to say “this is not an improvement, but an attack on, not just state workers, but workers in general.”

On February 16, Union Cab Co-Op posted the names and phone numbers of the eight Republican state senators eligible for recall, urging people to “call them and ask them to stand for clean government and treating workers fairly. Ask them to vote against the Budget Repair Bill.”

On February 24, Union Cab Co-Op created the Wisconsin Worker Support Fund “to provide transportation of people to key rallies and meetings as well as delivering materials and supplies.” Furthermore, Union Cab Coop admits that that they are “currently in contact with officials from AFSCME, AFT, WEAC, and other labor unions.”

During the Spring 2011 election, Media Trackers documented the “Democracy In Motion” effort by Union Cab Co-Op.

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