Election Official Who Refused Challenge Signed Walker, Wanggaard Recall Petitions

By: Brian Sikma

Allegations of suspected voter fraud have surfaced in Racine as the narrowly contested Senate District 21 recall race has yet to be formally concluded. Volunteer election observers assert that in some Racine City polling locations election procedures were violated. If such violations are at odds with state law, it could lead to some ballots being tossed out.

Lou D’Abbraccio, an election observer working with conservative local groups, said that he observed a voter attempting to register to vote at the John Bryant Community Center using a handwritten receipt dated June 5, 2012, the day of the election. D’Abbraccio tried unsuccessfully several times to challenge the election workers’ acceptance of the handwritten document as proof of residence. Wisconsin state law lists specific types of documents that must be used to prove residence in order to cast a ballot.

Handwritten receipts are not among those documents regarded as acceptable legal proof of residence.

Lillie Cameron, the chief election inspector for the Bryant Center polling location, repeatedly denied D’Abbraccio his right to lodge a formal challenge in the matter. D’Abbraccio was concerned that the use of documents not allowed under state law constituted a breach of election integrity and state election law.

With his complaint at the polling location denied, D’Abbraccio told Media Trackers that he then contacted the Racine City Clerk’s office to file an affidavit explaining what he saw. Deputy Clerk Donna Deuster, according to him said she would investigate the matter.

Cameron could not be reached to give her side of the story, but a search of recall petitions shows that she signed both the Walker and Wanggaard recall petitions listing her home address on Bluff Drive in Racine.

Media Trackers is still trying to obtain a copy of the affidavit. The MacIver Institute confirmed Thursday that the Racine County Sheriff’s office has launched an investigation into “curious election documents” found in a dumpster outside of one Racine polling location.

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