Broward County Registered Voters Admit Being Non-Citizens

Six non-citizens admitted to Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes they are registered voters but should not be allowed to vote, Snipes reported yesterday at a community forum. The non-citizens asked to be removed from the registered voter list.

The non-citizens came forward after receiving a letter of inquiry from Snipes’ office. As for the other suspected non-citizens, Snipes said she would “err on the side of caution…and wait for a more reliable list.”

Snipes reported the non-citizens’ inclusion on voter registration lists the same day an attorney for the Florida State Association Of Supervisors Of Elections advised elections supervisors they can resume removing non-citizens from voter registration lists. Ron Labasky, general counsel for the Association, sent out a memo late Wednesday saying elections supervisors can resume removing non-citizens if supervisors have “sufficient documentation” that a person is not a U.S. citizen.

An official list provided by the Broward Supervisor of Elections shows 46 of 262 suspected non-citizens voted in elections dating as far back as 1984.

Last month, Snipes told the media that any non-citizen casting a vote is committing a felony. Snipes sent letters to the 262 registered voters asking them to provide proof of citizenship. Snipes’ gave the non-citizens 30 days to respond.

Media Trackers Florida verified votes had been cast by using two different voter information services. Our review shows 31 votes cast by registered Democrats, 5 votes cast by registered Republicans, and 10 votes cast by persons with no party affiliation.














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