SEIU National Headquarters Subpoenaed in Milwaukee Voter Fraud Investigation

July 16, 2012

-For Immediate Release-

MILWAUKEE, WI – Media Trackers has learned that the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office has subpoenaed records from the SEIU’s national office as part of an ongoing investigation into possible voter fraud committed by a senior SEIU organizer in the Spring 2011 election. Documents from the DA’s office show prosecutors also requesting records from the Marriott Hotel that the organizers claimed as a residence, as well as phone and e-mail records.

Media Trackers first broke the story of possible voter fraud involving the three SEIU operatives in late 2011, and subsequent media reports uncovered several subpoenas but the SEIU subpoena is a new development.

“This case proves that Wisconsin elections, with same-day voter registration and no photo ID requirement, can be abused,” said Brian Sikma, communications director for Media Trackers. “Wisconsin elections should be participated in by Wisconsin residents, and out of state individuals no matter their ideological affiliation should not be allowed to taint our electoral process,” Sikma said.

“The SEIU has a history of questionable tactics, and some of its top leaders have worked for and on behalf of extremely liberal candidates, including President Obama. What remains to be seen is whether or not this union will take internal action to prevent its employees from committing voter fraud, or whether it will simply look the other way and refuse to halt its questionable and suspect tactics,” Sikma concluded. “It is time for the SEIU to come clean and clear out the suspicious characters it employs in political work around the country.”

Full Media Trackers report and links to PDFs of the subpoena’s here.


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