“Occupy the Truth” Rally Saturday, August 18 in Cleveland

Cleveland Tea Party Patriots announced last week that blogger, Fox News contributor, and New York Times bestselling author Michelle Malkin will keynote an “Occupy the Truth” march and rally this Saturday, August 18. Other confirmed speakers for the event to be held 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM in Willard Park include blogger Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, talk radio host Dana Loesch, and Andrew Marcus, director of the forthcoming documentary Hating Breitbart.

In a background document posted online, Occupy the Truth organizers explain that the event is motivated by the failure of national media outlets including USA Today and CBS News to report extensive ties between Occupy Cleveland and the five alleged terrorists arrested in an April 30 FBI sting.

Additionally, Associated Press reporting – carried in newspapers across Ohio and the country – buried the Occupy Cleveland connection and presented without question an Occupy Cleveland denial that the alleged bombers represented the group’s beliefs.

Criticizing media coverage of the Cleveland bomb plot, Marcus said, “THEY might want this important story to go away, but the American people deserve to know the truth. If they won’t cover it, we will. We are grateful and excited that Michelle will be a part of this important event.”

Media Trackers has cataloged evidence of the suspects’ involvement with and even leadership of Occupy Cleveland, as well as close coordination between Occupy Columbus and union-funded ProgressOhio. We have reported the ignored warning signs of violent leftism in Occupy Cleveland and have repeatedly pointed out similar warning signs within Occupy Columbus.

Nonetheless, central Ohio media have given the Occupy movement the same gentle whitewashing that prompted Saturday’s Occupy the Truth event.

Media Trackers has reported other angles of the Occupy Cleveland bombing case overlooked by Ohio’s legacy media, which gave a pass to the defense attorney who confirmed the previously secret FBI informant’s identity and later ignored a call for the FBI informant’s death from one defendant’s mother.

The widespread violence and fringe-left organizing common to Occupy Wall Street protests across the country are chronicled in the Citizens United film Occupy Unmasked, which announced a distribution deal with Magnolia Pictures subsidiary Magnet Releasing last week. The film – which was screened to a standing ovation at the annual Americans for Prosperity RightOnline conference in June – will be released this fall.

John Nolte of Breitbart News maintained a rough list of Occupy-related crimes from the first days of the movement through early December 2011.

The August 18 Occupy the Truth march and rally is a free event, but organizers are encouraging anyone planning to attend to register online.

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