Jamie Wall Press Release Scrubbed Of Controversial Aide?

By Collin Roth

On Tuesday, Media Trackers published an expose on Paula Zellner, a Left-wing radical who has split her time as campaign manager for congressional candidate Jamie Wall and as an activist with the SEIU front group Wisconsin Jobs Now! The evidence Media Trackers uncovered raises serious questions about whether Zellner was being paid simultaneously by the Wall campaign and Jobs Now!, and whether there was any illegal coordination between the Wall campaign and the third party group that is targeting Wall’s opponent.

Now a new wrinkle has emerged in the saga of Paula Zellner.

In a cached version of a press release dated January 18, 2012, Paula Zellner is listed as the contact for Jamie Wall’s announcement regarding the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Red-to-Blue program.

The date on this press release was just 13 days after Zellner was cited in Racine as the organizer of a Wisconsin Jobs Now! rally that picketed and harassed attendees of a fundraiser at a private home. Nevertheless, Zellner had been on Wall’s campaign since October 2011.

But if one accesses the same press release today, Paula Zellner’s name is no long listed as the contact for the January 18, press release. The contact has been changed to Chris Kelly.

As Wall attempts to moderate his image and his message, it really is no surprise that he would attempt to hide the Left-wing radical running his campaign.

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