Massive Obama GOTV Effort Underway In Milwaukee With Illinois Buses

By Collin Roth

At Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Milwaukee, a massive Obama get-out-the-vote operation was under way this morning as canvassers lined up to grab literature and a sack lunch before boarding motor coaches to canvass the city of Milwaukee. Most of the buses and motor coaches bore Illinois license plates with brands such as “Windy City Limousine” and “Chicago Bus Rental.” A group of at least one hundred canvassers were in line waiting to board motor coaches before heading out into the city on election day. At least seven buses were idling at Martin Luther King Jr. park at 11:30 AM.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Obama For America team has promised Illinois volunteers who work in Wisconsin the opportunity to attend the Obama election night festivities in Chicago. According to the Los Angeles Times, volunteers were instructed not to tell the press about their get out the vote operations. Media Trackers encountered the same type of silence from organizers at King Park who would not give any details about the operation.

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