Supreme Court Candidate “Likes” Calling Republicans, Conservatives “Douchebags”

By: Brian Sikma

It’s not uncommon for political debate on social media to degenerate into name-calling but when a candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court supports that name-calling, it becomes a little more interesting. Vince Megna, a wealthy trial lawyer and self-declared funny man, has made it no secret that he despises Republicans and conservatives. On Facebook, Megna “Likes” various pages calling Republicans and conservatives “douchebags.”

According to his Facebook page, Megna likes the pages “Scott Walker is a Douchebag,” “Paul Ryan is a Douchebag” and “Charlie Sykes is a Douchebag.” All three pages vary in popularity among Facebook users in Wisconsin who oppose the politics or opinions of Walker, Ryan and Sykes.

Megna also “Likes” the Facebook pages of several left-wing groups, including WAVE, a group dedicated to repealing the state’s concealed carry law and increasing restrictions on gun ownership. They have received significant amounts of funding from The Joyce Foundation, a Chicago group that once claimed Barack Obama as a board member.

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court has been a cauldron of judicial tumult as partisans and lawyers opposed to recent legislative and regulatory reforms have turned to the court in an attempt to overturn legislative action. Observers of the court within the legal community and the media have complained of the atmosphere of the court is detrimental to the judicial process. An outspoken disdain for and hostility towards some individuals who could appear before the court as plaintiffs could be seen as a prejudice that impairs a justice’s ability to handle certain cases.

Megna’s opponents are radical left-wing law professor Ed Fallone and Justice Patience Roggensack, who is currently serving on the Supreme Court.

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