Obama EPA’s War on Coal turns into War on Wisconsin Jobs

MILWAUKEE – A settlement imposed by President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency on a Wisconsin power company will force an employer to pay for $6 million in pet green energy projects at the expense of some employee’s jobs. The settlement forces the Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPS) to not only remedy problems alleged by the EPA (but disputed by the company), but also spend millions on special projects such as windmill blades, wood stoves, and a manure digester to generate electricity or biofuel.

“President Obama told Wisconsin last year that his policies would lead to job creation. Now, his EPA is waging a self-declared war on coal that has turned into a war on Wisconsin jobs,” said Brian Sikma, communications director for Media Trackers, a conservative watchdog group.

“After running up the national credit card, the Obama Administration is turning to employers – in this case a Wisconsin employer – to fund pet projects like new parts for windmills at the expense of jobs. Wisconsin workers deserve better. They deserve to know that their president is not going to say he cares about their jobs during an election and then turns around and wages war on them once re-elected,” Sikma remarked.

The full Media Trackers report outlining the special projects that the Obama Administration is forcing WPS to pay for is available on Media Trackers’ website.

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