BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Capitol Bomb Threat Suspect Has History of Violence

By: Brian Sikma, Collin Roth

A man law enforcement officials allege is responsible for a bomb scare at the state capitol in Madison just hours before Governor Walker’s annual state of the state address has a fascination with violence and a prior violent history. According to reports, Kvon Smith was arrested inside the Capitol after Capitol Police circulated his photograph earlier in the day and warned that he had made threatening statements on his Facebook page about committing an act of violence today.

Smith talks about Molotov cocktails in a video posted early this morning to his Facebook page. The video features images of bottles that could be used to create the crude explosive devices.

A partial transcript of the video is as follows:

“Check it out. I made a few Molotov Cocktails. I still have some stuff to add. But this is for – it’s about 3 AM – and this is for today. We’ll see what they have to say when I bring these to the Capitol. Um, if they want peace – bring it to Milwaukee. If they want peace, I want my money period. I want my -my money. And justice, I want justice ya know – as I sued the shit out of ’em. (unintelligible) – These are the Molotov Cocktails, so I’m gonna do this.”

Smith recently bragged on his Facebook page about fights he has been in lately.

On January 11, Smith boasted he had been involved in three fights. In one encounter he brags he punched a 33-year-old man in the jaw and then proceeded to brutally pound an older man who came up to help the man whose jaw Smith punched.

For beating two men up, Smith says he was sent to a mental health facility and is now on what he terms, “bullsh!t” medication.

A letter sent by Secretary Mike Huebsch of the state Department of Administration to state employees outlined the situation.

Earlier today, Capitol Police received information about a possible threat at the Capitol where an individual named Kvon R. Smith stated on his Facebook page he was going to come to the Capitol to do harm, but the threat was not made against anyone in particular. During the course of investigating the threat, Capitol Police brought in additional police resources from the Wisconsin State Patrol, DNR, DOJ Department of Criminal Investigation, and UW Madison police department. Smith’s photo was circulated in order to identify him if he came close to the Capitol. The Capitol Police Department also contacted Milwaukee and Madison Police Departments for assistance.

Capitol Police and Wisconsin State Patrol officers were posted at all the Capitol entrances, and Capitol Police officers immediately identified Smith when he entered the Capitol. Smith was apprehended in the rotunda, and he stated that he had a Molotov cocktail in his backpack. The backpack was taken outside to Wisconsin Avenue, and the City of Madison Fire Department and the Dane County bomb squad have been called to further investigate the contents of the backpack. The Capitol police asked staff in offices facing Wisconsin Avenue to evacuate as a precaution as the contents of the backpack are identified. Smith is in custody and charges are pending.

Yet another Facebook post by Smith finds him calling for a riot to take place if a series of protests planned by a liberal group did not achieve a desired result.

In a video posted to Kvon Smith’s YouTube channel, an individual appearing to be Smith appears at the 1:10 mark with Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI).

Media reports say that Smith is in custody and charges are currently pending. No injuries were reported during the Capitol incident, and it is still unclear as to whether or not Smith did indeed have an actual explosive device at the Capitol with him.  The Governor’s address will take place tonight as scheduled.

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