School Board Members Opposed to Taxpayer Savings Exposed by Media Trackers

MILWAUKEE – Over 40 school board officials holding seats up for election this spring signed petitions to recall Gov. Scott Walker, and have been opposed to the money savings reforms found in Act 10, a Media Trackers investigation has found. Over the past few weeks, Media Trackers has reached out to numerous school board officials around the state to ask them about their opposition to reforms that have benefited their district. Data from non-partisan sources has repeatedly shown that school districts saved money as a result of the reforms.

“Many school board officials refused to go on the record or explain their positions,” said Brian Sikma, communications director for Media Trackers, a conservative investigative watchdog. “When they did have to respond, these officials failed to offer a single compelling reason for what they did. It is important for the public to know that their local officials are being held accountable, and those who refuse to be held accountable are doing a disservice to the public.”

Not all of the more than 40 school board members who opposed the taxpayer savings found in Act 10 are running for re-election. Some have chosen not to seek office again while others are seeking to retain their jobs.

The full Media Trackers report is available here.


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