Republican Mayor of Appleton A Prop For Left-Wing SEIU Front Group

By Collin Roth

Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna spoke to small audience on Tuesday at a press conference sponsored by the far Left-wing SEIU front group Citizen Action of Wisconsin. Mayor Hanna spoke in opposition to any efforts to curtail or end same-day registration in response to recent statements made by Governor Walker and Speaker Robin Vos on the subject. Mayor Hanna attempted to make a fiscal argument to Fox 11:

“Our election officials aren’t overburdened and by eliminating it, it would drive up our costs. The study from the state showed that it will cost the state $5 million. Most of that’s going to land on municipal budgets.”

But given that reforms to same-day voter registration have been all but taken off the table by Governor Walker and Republican leadership, it leaves one begging the question why Republican Mayor Tim Hanna would stand in as a prop for a radical Left-wing group like Citizen Action?

Citizen Action of Wisconsin is the SEIU’s own bought and paid for community organizing group in Wisconsin. Citizen Action embraced the “Occupy” movement and works exclusively towards the ends of electing progressive Democrats and organizing protests and demonstrations in favor of higher taxes and more government spending. Citizen Action’s Board of Directors features representatives from every major labor union and the group lists as partners every far-Left organization in Wisconsin.

Mayor Hanna’s participation as a prop for a Citizen Action of Wisconsin event serves only to provide the radical group with a thin veneer of bipartisan credibility.

Congratulations Mayor Hanna. You are now a Republican “trophy” for Citizen Action to portray their radical Left-wing advocacy as mainstream.

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