Same Day Voter Registration Used by Voter Fraud Suspects

MILWAUKEE – Two men prosecutors suspect of committing voter fraud in the November 2012 election may have abused Wisconsin’s same day voter registration process to cast multiple ballots. Milwaukee County prosecutors make these assertions in subpoena documents reported on by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and obtained by Media Trackers.

The election documents detail, according to law enforcement, how two men registered to vote at a second polling place on election day and then cast a second ballot.

“Wisconsin is one of only nine states that allow people to walk into a polling place on election day, register to vote, and then cast a ballot. Any check designed to prevent people from multiple voting through this process failed to stop what prosecutors believe took place here,” said Brian Sikma, communications director for Media Trackers.

“Those who suggest that Wisconsin’s same day voter registration system works flawlessly need to look at the facts. In this instance, if what prosecutors allege is true, the system led to ballot box stuffing,” concluded Sikma.

The Media Trackers report on this story and a PDF of subpoena documents in the case may be found here.


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