Voces Leader Jets to Nevada for Obama Event

By: Brian Sikma

After suffering a stinging rebuke from the National Labor Relations Board, far left-wing immigrant rights group Voces de la Frontera is looking to become relevant again. On Tuesday, the group’s leader, Christine Neumann-Ortiz, joined President Barack Obama in Nevada as he rolled out his immigration reform plan. Neumann-Ortiz was invited to the event as part of an AFL-CIO delegation, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Voces has earned the reputation of an agitator working to incite local opposition to local employers and cleverly drum up support for Democratic candidates during elections.

Last November, the group was rebuffed by the Obama Administration’s National Labor Relations Board after a long running fight with Palermo’s Pizza, a Milwaukee employer targeted by the group for it’s compliance with federal mandates. The Milwaukee office of the NLRB ruled against Voces after the group accused Palermo’s of unfair and illegal employment practices in the wake of a federal ICE action that forced the company to layoff undocumented workers.

Voces pledged to appeal the case to Washington, but whether the move is a substantive legal action or a public relations stunt is not clear. A federal court recently threw the NLRB’s national office into confusion after invalidating two of President Obama’s recess appointments to the Board.

During its guerilla war on jobs at Palermo’s, Voces resorted to an all out effort to drum up support for its strong-arm tactics. According to Aaron Rodriguez of the Journal Sentinel’s Purple Wisconsin blog, the group went so far as to ask churches in Milwaukee to raise money through offerings to support their actions. It was a brazen move for a group known for providing a helpful assist to Democratic candidates.

The group will probably play some role in bringing the immigration reform debate to Milwaukee.

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