Rage Crowds Out Reality in Updated Ohio Education Association Propaganda

The Ohio Education Association (OEA) updated its online “Why No Rights At Work Is Wrong” talking points in late January with revisions even more aggressive and less honest than the propaganda OEA published weeks earlier. Ohio’s largest union seems intent on sharpening its vicious allegations against workplace freedom and anyone who supports letting workers choose whether to pay union dues.

OEA rakes in tens of millions of dollars every year thanks to union contracts including “fair share” fees; educators can opt out of union membership, but must still pay over $400 per year in dues.

OEA propaganda pyramid

As before, a detailed review of the union’s rhetoric proves that OEA thinks teachers are too dull to realize this. Especially egregious falsehoods are highlighted with red text.

NO RIGHTS AT WORK Is A Deceptive Attack On Working And Middle Class Ohioans

The deceitful slogan “right-to-work” is WRONG. No Rights At Work is a more truthful name.

NO RIGHTS AT WORK is an unsafe and unfair attack on working and middle class families. Greedy people who want to hurt our Ohio families and devastate our communities are not welcome in our state. In Ohio, we stand up for one another against the same people who brought us Senate Bill 5 in 2011.

Note how quickly OEA shifts to demonizing workplace freedom and its supporters with juvenile class warfare. This is because workplace freedom does not revoke a single right from a single worker, no matter what font size union bosses use to shriek “NO RIGHTS AT WORK.”

Ohioans for Workplace Freedom is comprised of Ohioans seeking to secure every Ohioan’s right to opt out of paying a union boss without losing his or her job. Ohioans for Workplace Freedom was in no way responsible for Senate Bill 5.

Regardless of how many times OEA uses the words “our” and “we,” the average OEA employee was paid $100,553 in mandatory union dues taken from “middle class families” in fiscal 2012.

NO RIGHTS AT WORK Destroys The American Dream

NO RIGHTS AT WORK is part of a national attack on the American Dream to have the opportunity to work harder for a better future. If you work hard and play by the rules, you should be treated fairly.

NO RIGHTS AT WORK is an assault on our Democracy, funded by power-hungry CEOs and rich corporate interests to shut up the middle class so we no longer have the power to speak up for ourselves.

NO RIGHTS AT WORK is unfair because it insults and degrades the worker. We need to value the hard work and the people who built our state and nation.

OEA does not explain how the freedom to choose whether to pay union dues would rob Ohioans of their dreams, how fair treatment is contingent on being forced to pay union dues, or in what sense letting workers opt out of paying a union is “an assault on our Democracy.”

This is not surprising, given that all three of these claims are completely insane.

Again, the “power-hungry CEOs and rich corporate interests” line is designed to distract from the $100,553 average that OEA employees were paid in mandatory dues last year.

If workplace freedom is an attempt to “shut up the middle class,” it’s not a very good one: workplace freedom would have no impact on Ohio whistleblower protections or federal whistleblower protections.

What truly “insults and degrades” workers is being forced to pay union bosses who shamelessly lie to protect their own paychecks.

It’s Unsafe

NO RIGHTS AT WORK takes away the professional voices of those we trust to take care of our children and families like teachers, nurses, !re!ghters [sic] and police officers.

Workers will be intimidated. Fight for your freedom of speech to point out potential product, equipment, manufacturing and other safety issues like respirators for !re!ghters, [sic] sta”ng [sic] shortages, food safety inspections.

Workers in NO RIGHTS AT WORK states are injured and die on the job more often at alarmingly higher rates.

Considering that the Ohio Workplace Freedom Amendment would have no impact on Ohio labor laws or federal labor laws, OEA’s “unsafe” talking point is built on a lie.

Media Trackers recently analyzed U.S. Department of Labor workplace injury data. As logic might suggest, fatal work injuries are far more common for workers whose jobs are more dangerous – regardless of whether workers are forced to pay union dues.

It Is An Attack On Workers’ RIGHTS

NO RIGHTS AT WORK strips Ohio workers of their rights and voice in the workplace.

Ohio voters have spoken on this issue: they support fairness in the workplace.

Workers should be able to speak up for themselves, their coworkers and their community on the job.

OEA’s “attack on workers’ rights” talking point is another lie: workplace freedom does not revoke a single right from a single worker.

No Ohio voter born since 1941 has “spoken on this issue,” because Ohio has not voted on workplace freedom since 1958.

It’s obvious OEA is not eager to see whether voters agree that “fairness in the workplace” means forcing teachers to pay OEA employees an average of $100,553.

It Kills Jobs And Weakens Communities

NO RIGHTS AT WORK means lower wages, $1,500 less on average in states that attack workers’ rights, and fewer bene!ts [sic] for you, me, all of us.

We need good paying jobs for working and middle-class Ohioans.

Communities thrive and grow when Ohioans have good paying jobs. Fewer jobs mean crumbling communities, reduced wages means reduced spending.

OEA cites no evidence for its “$1,500 less on average” claim, which likely comes from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI). As Media Trackers has previously noted, EPI is a union think tank, run by unions and funded with union dues.

Years-long wage and disposable income trends favor workplace freedom states when compared to Ohio and Ohio’s forced-unionism neighbors. Forced-unionism Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania created jobs at slower rates than all 22 workplace freedom states from 1991-2011.

NO RIGHTS AT WORK is wrong because it means less money, lower wages and fewer benefits for ythe [sic] middle class. Communities thrive and grow when Ohioans have good paying jobs. Let’s stand up together and stick together for a decent standard of living. We deserve it.

By lying about what workplace freedom is, lying about what workplace freedom does, and lying about who supports workplace freedom, OEA seeks to turn teachers against a policy that would give teachers greater personal freedom.

It’s almost as if the Ohio Education Association doesn’t want educators to have the ability to opt out of funding union employees’ average $100,553 paychecks.

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