Left Side of Medicaid Debate Becomes Fact-Free Zone

By: Brian Sikma

In response to the news that Governor Scott Walker is likely to announce Wednesday that he will not expand Medicaid in Wisconsin with ObamaCare money, the left side of the ideological and political spectrum quickly degenerated into a fact-free zone of rhetoric and hyperbole. One left-wing healthcare expert, Robert Kraig, the executive director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin, went so far as to say Walker would be responsible for the deaths of Wisconsin citizens if he turned down the federal money.

The new conservative media outlet RightWisconsin.com was the first to write about Kraig’s shocking statement.

According to Kraig:

If Governor Walker turns down billions in federal money for BadgerCare, there is no doubt that many Wisconsinites will die as a consequence.

Actually, Kraig doesn’t have his facts straight according to research compiled by other healthcare experts. According to several studies, individuals who rely on Medicaid are more likely to have longer hospital stays, higher chance of death after surgery, and the cost of their overall healthcare is higher than those on private insurance and even those without insurance.

In general, proponents of expanding Medicaid through state medical assistance programs in Wisconsin have repeatedly ignored key facts in making their argument.

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