STUDY: Medicaid Expansion Would Cost Wisconsin $725 million

For Immediate Release

MILWAUKEE – A study by the non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation contradicts some of the talking points currently being used by advocates of a Medicaid expansion in Wisconsin. Supporters of expanding Medicaid have argued that by taking advantage of federal money appropriated through ObamaCare, the state can save up to $95 million. But that statistic, taken from a Legislative Fiscal Bureau report, isn’t completely accurate. The Kaiser Foundation study found that just the first 9 years a Medicaid expansion would cost the state of Wisconsin $725 million.

One of the reasons the LFB report reached a savings was because it only looked at the first 3 years of an expansion. The vast majority of the rising costs that state will bear because of the expansion come over time, well after the first three-year period is up.

“Liberal advocates may look at this expansion and see free money, but there are very definite strings attached to that money and Wisconsin policymakers and taxpayers need to consider the long term consequences of a Medicaid expansion,” said Brian Sikma, communications director of Media Trackers.

“No matter how much some would like to take the short term view or juggle statistics around, the fact remains that according to in-depth studies, expanding Medicaid is yet another multi-million dollar expense for the state of Wisconsin,” Sikma concluded.

The full Media Trackers report on this study and a look at the rhetoric of expansion advocates is available at


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