Walker’s Budget Adds Jumbo Jet of State Employees

On Wednesday night, Governor Scott Walker unveiled the broad outlines of his 2013-2015 budget to a joint session of the state legislature. The budget is the largest one in Wisconsin’s history. Several key numbers will be broken down in the days and weeks to come, but a memorable number from the night is 710. That’s the number of new state government employees that will be hired under Walker’s budget.

Put another way, that’s more than a jumbo jet of new government employees that will be paid for by Wisconsin taxpayers.

Walker is a much talked about possible contender in the 2016 presidential election. But other possible contenders like Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Florida, and Gov. Rick Scott of Florida are making big bold plays on tax, spending and government reform issues. Whether or not Walker will follow them on fiscal issues remains to be seen.

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