Bad River Band Ignored Compliance for Years, Manager Says

MILWAUKEE – Reporters covering the ongoing mine debate and the related clean water debate should be aware of the fact that the Bad River Band, one of the biggest self-proclaimed clean water advocates in the state, has been in serious violation of the Clean Water Act, EPA records indicate. The tribal wastewater treatment plant in Odanah, Wisconsin has for years released excess levels of E. coli, suspended solids, and phosphates into the Bad River, permits and records from the EPA show.

Today, Media Trackers released a report with comments from the wastewater treatment plant’s manager. Patrick Hunt, the manager, says that for years the Bad River Band through previous management of the facility ignored Clean Water Act compliance for years, maybe even a decade.

The report with Hunt’s comments may be found here.

Also today, Media Trackers detailed comments by Chairman Mike Wiggins Jr., of the Bad River Band, arguing that any pollution of the water in and around the Bad River resulting from a proposed iron mine would be “genocide” for the native people. That report is available here.

The original report detailing the violations and linking to original documents obtained from the EPA may be found here.


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