Wisconsin School Official Blames Right Wing for Boston Tragedy

A public school official in Wisconsin took to Twitter yesterday to politicize the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing. Paul Fischer of the Alma Center School District tweeted on Monday afternoon:

“Worth noting: Today is Patriots day. An important day to militia movements in our country. The same day Tim Mcveigh chose to bomb Okla City.”

Fischer is the principal of the Lincoln Elementary School in Merrillan. Conservative blogger and Missouri-based talk radio host Dana Loesch pointed out Fischer’s tweet in a blog post she wrote on Tuesday. Loesch made the point that some in the media, and some like Fischer who are responsible for educating young minds, were politicizing the Boston tragedy.

The phrase “militia movement” was once a term reserved to describe anarchist type groups. But as the national debate over gun control has unfolded, pro-gun control advocates and pundits have begun using the phrase as a pejorative to describe those who say their concerns about increased gun regulation stem from their respect for the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Fischer sent his tweet at 3:41 pm CDT, while news of the tragedy swept the nation. Fischer deleted both his twitter account (@ACHMPrinc) and the tweet moments after Media Trackers released this story on Tuesday.

Records show only one Paul Fischer living in Alma Center, Wisconsin, and according to iVerifyTheRecall.com, Fischer signed a recall petition against Governor Scott Walker.

Despite being a public school official, Fischer’s tweet was misleading about Patriot’s Day. Timothy McVeigh did not bomb the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Office Building on Patriot’s Day, 1995. Patriot’s Day has been established as the third Monday of April and the Oklahoma City bombing took place on April 19, two days after that year’s observance of Patriot’s Day and the running of the Boston Marathon.

Wisconsin did not start recognizing Patriot’s Day until 2001. The confusion may come from the fact that April 19th, 1775 was the start of the American War for Independence, but that is not the date established in law as Patriot’s Day.

Fischer is slated to make $104,000 a year starting July 1st as the new superintendent for the School District of Alma Center-Humbird-Merrillan.

Ethan Hollenberger contributed to this report.

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