20 Clueless Medicaid Expansion Comments from Ohio Newspapers

Why has coverage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Medicaid expansion in Ohio’s largest newspapers been so slanted? It can’t help that editors are progressives who view federal funding as “free” money and entitlement spending as a self-evident good.

Take a look at 20 of the most biased or oblivious comments Ohio newspaper editors have seen fit to print during the debate over the PPACA Medicaid expansion – and ask yourself how objective reporters could just happen to overlook every compelling argument against a policy their editors enthusiastically support.

Akron Beacon Journal “States can participate in the expansion when they want (though the 100 percent coverage is good only through 2016) and drop out when they want.”

Cover of Medicaid, 01/19/2013 Akron Beacon Journal editorial
Akron Beacon Journal “…revenues would accrue from the economic activity — increased employment and sales — that come with the flow of billions of federal dollars into the state and local economy.”

Cover of Medicaid, 01/19/2013 Akron Beacon Journal editorial
The Blade “The only way to lose is for Gov. John Kasich to say no to expanding Medicaid coverage under Obamacare.”

Healthier Ohio, 01/21/2013 Toledo Blade editorial
The Blade “Many of the federal tax dollars that will subsidize Medicaid expansion were collected in Ohio. But they will go to other states if Ohio doesn’t want them.”

Healthier Ohio, 01/21/2013 Toledo Blade editorial
Columbus Dispatch “If Kasich and his team decide an expansion makes sense, Ohioans can trust that it would be a sound, well-considered plan built for the long term.”

Medicaid expansion, 01/23/2013 Columbus Dispatch editorial
Cleveland Plain Dealer “A diverse Cleveland coalition of hospital officials, pastors and community health specialists pushing the expansion of Ohio’s Medicaid program marshals powerful arguments that boil down to common sense, equity and continued economic progress in Ohio.”

Medicaid expansion is right for Ohio, 01/26/2013 Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial
Cincinnati Enquirer “One of the hallmarks of a great society is caring for the less fortunate. Expanding Medicaid can improve the lives of nearly a million people in Ohio and Kentucky alone and do it in a way that doesn’t damage state budgets.”

Medicaid expansion makes sense, 02/03/2013 Cincinnati Enquirer editorial
Akron Beacon Journal “…John Kasich arrived at a decision that is both pragmatic and justified on moral grounds.”

Budget by Kasich, 02/05/2013 Akron Beacon Journal editorial
Akron Beacon Journal “If he opts out of expansion, Ohioans still will pay federal taxes, some $13 billion over seven years, which will help finance health care in other states.”

Budget by Kasich, 02/05/2013 Akron Beacon Journal editorial
Akron Beacon Journal “Given the facts on the table, the rigid Republican opposition to Medicaid expansion in Ohio appears more like a partisan pact to spite what they call ‘Obamacare.'”

Budget by Kasich, 02/05/2013 Akron Beacon Journal editorial
Columbus Dispatch “In pursuing an expansion of Medicaid under the federal health-care overhaul, Gov. John Kasich wisely is putting pragmatism before party and ideology.”

Kasich’s Medicaid plan makes sense, 02/10/2013 Columbus Dispatch editorial
Columbus Dispatch “…the justifiable expansion of Medicaid in Kasich’s budget is in jeopardy, because GOP lawmakers fear it will invite primary-election challenges from tea partiers who seem bent on society’s regression.”

Kasich budget proposal is balanced, 02/17/2013 Columbus Dispatch editorial
Columbus Dispatch “Legislative ideologues oppose Kasich’s humane decision to take advantage of a federally funded expansion of Medicaid…”

Kasich budget proposal is balanced, 02/17/2013 Columbus Dispatch editorial
Cleveland Plain Dealer “It’s practical, too. And without it, Ohioans would foot the bill, via the federal taxes they pay, for Medicaid expansion in states that do opt for expansion, such as Michigan and Arizona.”

Kasich to GOP at State of the State: Be reasonable, 02/20/2013 Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial
Columbus Dispatch “Most disturbing about the Liberty Council’s threat is its knee-jerk opposition to a unique and money-saving opportunity to extend health care to 275,000 poor Ohioans, mostly children. Almost every thoughtful group that has studied the proposed Medicaid expansion has endorsed it…”

Republicans need to stand up to band of rigid intimidators, 02/24/2013 Columbus Dispatch editorial
Cleveland Plain Dealer “Today in Columbus, the Republican-run Ohio House plans to pass a very bad state budget that ignores not only the wishes of GOP Gov. John Kasich, but also the best interests of the state’s most vulnerable residents and its vital medical care industry.”

Poorly written budget staggers to Ohio Senate, 04/17/2013 Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial
Cleveland Plain Dealer “Gov. John Kasich’s staff, working with the Obama administration, is deploying imagination and flexibility to overcome shortsighted objections from some of Kasich’s fellow Republicans to Medicaid expansion in Ohio.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer “If working with private insurers and casting Medicaid expansion as Medicaid reform can get expansion done, there’s no reason why Ohio shouldn’t go that route. Anything would be better than the dead end that GOP intransigents want to map for needy Ohioans.”

Columbus Dispatch “Opposition to Medicaid expansion is purely ideological. The offer comes as part of the Obamacare law that tea party conservatives despise, and it means more federal-government deficit spending. But turning it down changes nothing.”

New hope for expansion, 04/28/2013 Columbus Dispatch editorial
The Blade “Republican lawmakers can offer all the excuses they want for their feckless obstructionism in resisting Medicaid expansion. But they can’t argue persuasively that they’re acting in the best interests of the state and its taxpayers.”

Medicaid for Mom, 05/20/2013 Toledo Blade editorial