Colorado Recalls Face Uphill Legal Challenge

The Colorado recall campaigns to unseat Senator John Morse and Angela Giron continue to progress through concessive victories, but face their biggest challenge in the financial battle against the national funding of the anti-recall efforts.

Last week, the Morse Recall Supporters hurdled the opposition’s protest to the language in their recall petition when the Colorado Secretary of State rejected the filed protest.

Meanwhile in Pueblo, supporters of Giron filed the same protest—which the Colorado Secretary of State rejected on Tuesday.

On the main page of Pueblo United for Angela’s website, the group rejects all recall efforts on the basis that they are a “costly venture” which the government can hardly afford. In contrast, the same activists forced the Secretary of States office to use government time and resources to respond the same protest two weeks in a row.

As Media Trackers previously reported, Pueblo United for Angela and A Whole Lot of People for John Morse began their anti-recall efforts with a campaign to convince recall signers to remove their names from the petition.  Their strategy relied upon intimidation tactics and false accusations against the recall activists.

Pueblo United for Angela even hired a convicted felon to canvas a neighborhood and encourage recall signers to remove their names.  Media Trackers broke the story last week when the convict, Elric Franco, caused a disturbance which resulted in his arrest for an outstanding warrant.

The two protests the anti-recall groups filed were an attempt to delay the recall effort from moving forward.  When the Secretary of State overturned the second protest this week, the two groups decided to continue to delay by filing a lawsuit.

On Tuesday, the lawsuit was filed to challenge the wording, and postpone any recall elections until the dispute is settled.  This may pose the biggest threat to the recall supporters, since they will have to raise the funds to fight the legal battle in court.

So far, the recall efforts have primarily been financed by the donations of local citizens, while the two anti-recall groups have received national anti-gun money.  Of the 691 donations made to A Whole Lot of People for John Morse this year, over 250 were from out of state donors.  Also, their top donation of $35,000 came from the Sixteen Thirty Fund in Washington D.C.

Yesterday, the Morse recall supporters tweeted from their account:


The mention of New York Mayor Bloomberg refers to his anti-gun group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which has been a vocal proponent of gun control legislation in Colorado.

The new strategy of the two anti-recall groups may be to simply out spend the recall supporters.  If the recall groups cannot afford the legal battle, the recall elections may never occur.

This week in Colorado Springs republicans selected Bernie Herpin to run against John Morse in the coming recall election.  If the recall continues to move forward, the election would occur this fall.