GRAPHIC: Eco-Protesters in Wisconsin Assault Mine Workers

Shocking footage released Wednesday afternoon by an environmental activist shows eco-protesters assaulting workers at a mine exploration site in northern Wisconsin. The video shows a band of booted, cloaked, and hooded individuals creeping through the woods of northern Wisconsin near the location of a worksite for a new iron ore mine. Liberal activists have teamed up with Native American tribes and Democrat lawmakers to oppose a new iron mine in the state.

The video shows a tense encounter between protesters – who work both dark and white masks and hoods to conceal their identities – and mining company workers. Screaming profanities and hurling verbal insults, the protesters appear to get into the personal space of the works, and at one point a physical altercation takes place between some of the protesters and a female worker.

A law enforcement investigation into the incident is ongoing as of this time. This footage, which you can see below, has not been released to the public before today.