Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Misreported Facts about New Mine Protest Video

Late Thursday afternoon, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Jason Stein took to the paper’s All Politics Blog to inaccurately report a video posted by radicals protesting a proposed mine in Wisconsin. Stein claimed the video had been “circulating for weeks.”

Media Trackers posted the never-before-seen video of protesters attempting to intimidate mine worker on Thursday morning, after a protester put it up on her personal Facebook page.

Stein’s initial report stated that, “the video — first posted by the Journal Sentinel on June 14 — got more attention Thursday following the revelation that the well-armed security company brought in by mining firm Gogebic Taconite as a response to the protesters isn’t licensed by the state.”

Stein’s report came over ten hours after Right Wisconsin, Media Trackers, and others began posting the video. Interestingly, Stein claims that the Journal Sentinel posted the video back in June; however, he links to a Madison TV station’s video posted on Thursday.

After Stein realized his mistake, his story was changed. His headline, initially “Video of mining protesters back in spotlight,” changed to “More video of mining protesters back in spotlight.”

The video posted by the paper on June 14th came from Gogebic Taconite employees and is different from the new video from the protestors.