Douglas County Parents Joins Web of Left Wing Organizations in Colorado

The education activist group, Douglas County Parents (DCP) continues its attack on the innovative Douglas County School Board (DCSB).  The group claims to support an open minded board in the coming election, but has exclusively aligned itself with other left-wing groups and their agenda.

DCP seeks to “elect four new school board members in November who will acknowledge, value and collaborate with all parents, students, teachers and community members in order to determine the best direction for our public schools”.

In contrast, two weeks ago the group publicly kicked School Board Director John Carson out of a house party informational meeting.  Members of DCP invited Carson via email and allowed him to enter the meeting before he was kicked out in front of the audience.

The rhetoric of DCP claims that the School Board refuses to hold open door meetings and listen to all parents of the community. But, in order to advance their agenda and spread their view, DCP has held closed door house parties and meetings with invitation only members.

DCP may claim to support a new school board that will listen to all members of the community, but their actions suggest they want a school board that will advance their own political agenda.

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 6.15.23 PMOn the DCP website the group aligns itself with Speak for Douglas County School District, Strong Schools Coalition, Taxpayers for Public Education, and Voices for Public Education. All four of the groups openly reject the current school board and the innovative reforms the board has sought.

The Speak for Douglas County School District Facebook page claims to be an open forum in which anyone can comment, but the administrator filters the page down to the left-wing view.  The page even posted advertisement for Ronda Scholting and Kevin Leung, two candidates in the coming election who reject the current school board policies.  Like DCP, the group considers the open view to be their view since they do not advertise for candidates who will not advance their political agenda.

Strong Schools Coalition and Taxpayers for Public Education seek to supply information on the issues in Douglas County.  Like DCP, the groups claim to support an open school board and reject the policies of the current directors.

While these organizations all claim they just want an open board, it is clear from their own words that they seek an agenda with far reaching implications for Douglas County in particular and Colorado in general.

Taxpayers for Public Education seeks to “protect our public schools from a budget reduction due to the private school voucher programs”.  In essence, the group wishes to remove the voucher program implemented by the present school board. Not only is this sort of rhetoric wrongheaded, it is also incorrect. In Douglas County the public school system to keeps 25% of the per pupil funding for students who use vouchers.

Voices for Public Education, the fourth group DCP aligns with, seeks to bring “local and national speakers to Douglas County, Colorado to explain, explore and celebrate the power behind public schools.”   The group most recently brought in speaker Kris Nielsen, to discuss Common Core, a standards ranking system of student and teacher performance.

Common Core is no longer used in Douglas County, since the DCSB removed it in favor of their own standards system.  The reversal of this decision will be another policy the left wing groups seek in their open school board.

Media Trackers was unable to find a registration for DCP as a political committee on TRACER  or as a charity through the Secretary of State’s website. Strong Schools Coalition is a 501(c)(4), but Taxpayers for Public Education is not listed on Secretary of State’s Charity search though they claim to be a non-profit, non-partisian organization.