Arrested Wisconsin Mine Protester Has Radical Past

Radical environmental protester Katie Kloth, 26, will appear before an Iron County judge for a pre-trial conference Friday morning. Kloth is facing a felony and three misdemeanors for stealing a mine employee’s camera and cell phone.

Kloth has a lengthy past as a radical environmental protester. In 2010, she was cited by the Stevens Point Police for trespassing while occupying city property. Kloth was leading an effort to use four city owned acres as a community garden.

Referred to as “Krow” by fellow protesters, Kloth appears in two videos cursing and harassing mine workers. Media Trackers promoted a video showing Kloth terrorizing the mine workers.

In April of 2010, without approval from the City of Stevens Point, Kloth led 20 others including UW-Stevens Point students to build raised garden beds and plant sunflowers on city property. Kloth’s group was known as Down With Caps Kollective. According to the group’s Facebook page, members “see capitalism as the root cause for many and most environmental, social justice, consumer protection, educational injustices and/or problems etc. We believe money or money systems often hinder one’s right to simply be, as well as exploit the s**t out of people.”

Kloth’s protests came as the city moved forward to zone the land for single family housing. Kloth and her group ignored police orders to leave. The Stevens Point Journal quoted Kloth as saying, “Tonight is the night. We’re going to be decent and nonviolent, but we’re not going to move.” Kloth did not move and was cited on April 22, 2010, for trespassing.

Kloth and others continued to camp on the property. A day after her city ordinance citation, Kloth was arrested and booked into jail on another trespassing charge. During her arrest, Kloth was uncooperative with police and was threatened with an obstruction charge.

Katie Kloth April 2010 Booking Photo
Katie Kloth April 2010 Booking Photo

Kloth’s case was eventually ended with a deferred prosecution settlement, while the community garden was moved to another location.

Kloth’s radical beliefs can be summed up in a quote to the Stevens Point Journal telling another occupier, “You should live here. It’s no rent. Rent is oppressive. So let’s not pay rent.”