DASHCAM: Footage of Ex-Wisconsin Democrat Spokesman Arrested for OWI

When he was pulled over for driving while intoxicated, former Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Graeme Zielinski had a lot of excuses about his driving and why he couldn’t pass field sobriety tests administered by a state trooper. Media Trackers has obtained dashcam footage from the Wisconsin State Patrol showing the traffic stop, subsequent sobriety tests, and arrest and transportation of the former Democrat attack dog stopped for drunk driving on June 2 of this year.

As previously reported by Media Trackers, the police report notes that Zielinski was driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.231 according to a blood test given after a breathalyzer test showed a slightly higher BAC. The legal limit in Wisconsin is 0.08.

The full camera footage from the incident runs an hour and a half, and offers insight into what happened that day. A video of excerpts from the field sobriety test footage is below.

When he was pulled over, Zielinski initially told the trooper that he was texting and driving. That, he indicated, was why he was weaving across the lanes of I-94 eastbound as he headed from Madison back to Milwaukee.

Asked by the trooper if he had any eye issues at the start of the sobriety tests, Zielinski said he did, and that “my orbit is broken – or was broken.”

Moments later, Zielinski complained of a problem in his left knee that would make it difficult for him to walk in a straight line. At other points Zielinski had trouble counting and holding one foot off the ground.

Just prior to submitting to a breathalyzer test, Zielinski thanked the responding officer for his work and asked if he would be free to go. The officer clarified that he would not be free to go at that moment. It is possible the inebriated spokesman was referring to leaving after he was finished with his processing.

“I know you are just doing your job,” a tired-looking Zielinski told the trooper moments before being handcuffed and formally arrested. This is Zielinski’s third drunk driving citation.

Ethan Hollenberger contributed to this report.