28 Ohio Employers Cutting Hours Because of Obamacare

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At least 28 public and private Ohio employers have cut or are planning to cut workers’ hours to avoid Obamacare’s employer mandate, according to a list compiled by Investor’s Business Daily. Thousands of Ohioans will be affected by the announced cuts.

To learn more about Obamacare-induced cuts from employers across the country and to review citations for every announcement, see the complete list at Investors.com.

Employer Action
City of Akron Limiting part-timers to fewer than 30 hours per week.
Baldwin-Wallace University Limited course load of adjunct faculty
Bowling Green State University Capped part-time hours at 24 per week and student work hours at 28
City of Brunswick Capped hours for part-time employees at 28 per week and limited length of employment for seasonal workers
Columbus State Community College Reduced hours for adjunct faculty and hourly wage earners to fewer than 30 per week
Cuyahoga Community College Capped hours for 1,559 part-timers at 20 per week
City of Fairlawn Lowered limit on part-time hours from 35 per week to less than 30
City of Fairview Park Cut hours of part-time employees to fewer than 30 per week
Kent State University Limited course load of adjunct faculty
Lake Township Capped part-time hours at 28.8 per week
Lakeland Community College Limited course loads for adjunct faculty
City of Lebanon Cut hours of part-time firefighters/paramedics
City of Mason Cut part-time workers to 20 hours per week
City of Medina Cut part-time hours from about 35 to 29 per week
Medina City Schools Cut weekly hours for cafeteria workers and teacher aides from 30 to 28.75 per week
Scrambler Marie’s Restaurants Cut some workers’ hours to less than 30 per week
Shawnee State University Reduced maximum teaching load for adjunct faculty
Sinclair Community College Reduced hours for part-timers to maximum of 28 per week and cut course loads for adjunct faculty
Stark State College Capped hours of adjunct faculty at 29 per week
Sugarcreek Township Capped hours at 28 per week and eliminated paid time off for part-timers
City of Tallmadge Cut hours part-timers can work to 29 per week
City of Tipp City Cut hours for part-timers to fewer than 30 per week
University of Akron Cut course loads for part-time faculty
Upper Arlington City School District Cutting hours for aides who work with disabled students from 32.5 per week to 28
City of Westlake Limit part-timers to 25 hours per week
White Castle Will limit new hires to part-time
Youngstown City Schools Cut part-time and substitute hours to 25 per week
Youngstown State University Capped hours of part-time employees and adjunct faculty