CONFIRMED: Insurance Premiums in Wisconsin Rise Under ObamaCare

The most affordable health insurance plans in Wisconsin just got more expensive under ObamaCare. A comparison of health insurance premiums pre-ObamaCare and data from the federal Department of Health and Human Services outlining insurance costs under ObamaCare show price increases that some Wisconsin consumers will face.

In early September, the state Office of the Commissioner of Insurance released an analysis that showed the cost of health insurance in Wisconsin rising under ObamaCare. Because the data was an analysis and not a release of actual premium information some treated it with skepticism. But when the federal HHS released actual premium data revealing the cost of insurance under ObamaCare, major media outlets and ObamaCare advocates failed to compare the data with pre-ObamaCare health insurance prices.

Now that a comparison has been made, the facts show that the cost of health insurance – particularly the cost of the most affordable health insurance plans available – have risen.

For example, according to, before ObamaCare plans started being offered through online exchanges on October 1st, it was possible for a 21 year-old in Wisconsin to obtain health insurance for $44.20 per month. According to HHS data, the cheapest plan available through the ObamaCare exchange for a 21 year-old in Wisconsin is $104.29 per month.

That means that a 21 year-old in Wisconsin could spend 135% more for the cheapest health insurance available under ObamaCare.

A 35 year-old in Wisconsin could have purchased a plan for around $61.58 before ObamaCare – prices vary depending on whether or not the applicant is male or female. Under ObamaCare there is no price difference between polices covering men and policies covering women. But according to HHS data, the cheapest plan in Wisconsin for a 35 year-old would be $127.44. That’s an increase of 107%.

The increases are still high for 40 year-olds and 63 year-olds. A low cost plan for a 40 year-old cost $77.23 pre-ObamaCare, but under ObamaCare the cheapest plan for a 40 year-old in Wisconsin is $133.28, an increase of 73%. A 63 year-old could see a 63% increase in premium costs, going from $188.84 before ObamaCare to $307.86 on the exchange.

For those wrestling with the cost increases, there is no option to not buy health insurance. If your employer doesn’t provide you with health insurance then under the law you have to purchase a health insurance plan that meets certain federally mandated requirements.

The cost increases faced by consumers will supposedly be softened by federal subsidies available to individuals and families with incomes below 400% of the federal poverty level and who spend at least 9.5% of their income on health insurance.

As of Wednesday, the Wisconsin exchange, housed at, was working only sluggishly after it crashed on Tuesday, the day it launched.