Video: Obamacare Panel at We the People Convention

Jason Hart

I discussed the Obamacare Medicaid expansion on a panel with Greg Lawson of The Buckeye Institute at the third annual We the People Convention in Columbus on September 28.

In my presentation, I explained the many ways Governor John Kasich, the Ohio Republican Party, and Ohio’s Statehouse press corps have misrepresented facts to push the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, which will cost taxpayers billions per year.

Video of our presentations follows, and you can download a PDF of our Keynote slides for more information.

As I noted two days after the event, Columbus Dispatch reporter Joe Vardon sat through the entire panel, wrote a story about opposition to Medicaid expansion among convention attendees, and did not even report that Lawson and I spoke.

While the Obamacare Medicaid expansion has been a popular news topic for over eight months, the Dispatch and Ohio’s other major newspapers have failed to report information that doesn’t fit with their uniformly pro-entitlement narrative.

Watch the We the People Convention video closely for evidence that I am, as one Ohio Republican Party county chairman warned his peers, a “Democrat” and an “enemy blogger” who should be ignored.

Bonus points for identifying any of the telltale signs I am, as Republican lobbyist Neil Clark recently suggested to The Daily Beast, a “card-carrying Nazi.”

With the Ohio Controlling Board hearing a request on October 21 from Gov. Kasich’s Medicaid director to appropriate Obamacare funding — after the Kasich Administration unilaterally expanded Medicaid — Ohioans deserve an honest debate of the facts at hand.