UW Journalism School Promotes Ed Schultz, Union Event

Ed Schultz courtesy of MSNBC
Ed Schultz courtesy of MSNBC

Tonight, MSNBC host and leftwing commentator Ed Schultz will be speaking in Madison at an event hosted by the American Federation of Teachers. Called “A Rally to reMember,” the effort is intended to help increase union membership and energize current and would-be members. An e-mail sent out by an employee of the University of Wisconsin reveals that the university’s journalism school is promoting the event.

“HI – just a reminder regarding this event!” reads a brief note from Pam Garcia-Rivera, a career advisor with the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. According to her official biography, Garcia-Rivera joined the journalism school in the Spring 2014 semester.

According to a promotion from the AFT:

This exciting rally will feature MSNBC TV personality Ed Schultz. Ed is a strong supporter of workers’ rights and has used his popular TV and talk radio shows as platforms to raise awareness about the attacks on working Wisconsinites.

Garcia-Rivera’s e-mail was sent to several UW list e-mail addresses including “undergrads@journalism.wisc.edu.”

During the 2011 recall elections AFT gave at least $713,978 to Democratic candidates, and during the 2012 recall elections the union gave $1,061,128 to Democrats or pro-Democrat groups.

Schultz is a popular speaker among labor unions, and in particular he has an affection for teachers union because his mother was an elementary school teacher. Schultz has spoken at national AFT events before.